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Absolutely!  You can send a PDF or jpeg file of your brand or logo to sales@ritcheytags.comand one of our Customer Success Associates will provide a proof for your approval.  You can also simply call 1 800 EAR TAGS for complete details on tag customization!

Ritchey’s Universal Tags are designed to work with most major button systems.  It’s critical that the brand of the tool pin matches the brand of the button.

For years, the Ritchey family ran a pure bred cow operation and used the large dual-colored tags without issue. However, if you plan to change the information on the tag late in the animal’s life, you can use the medium calf tag on your calf, and replace it with the large tag, using the same hole.  On a calf, it’s important to place the tag close to the head, between the middle ribs of the animal’s ear.

The bits that come packaged with a Dremel tool that has not been purchased from Ritchey do not include the 1/4″ High Speed Cutter bit, which is the bit we highly recommend and found works best for engraving on the Ritchey Dual-Colored tags.

No, Ritchey does not carry a stencil for engraving tags.  If you feel you need to, try using a marker or pen to write on your tag as a guideline for engraving.

A Minimum Order Fee is charged when the total of the order, before shipping charges, is less than $25. We encourage you to purchase an extra bag of buttons, or an engraving bit, or a few blank tags to avoid this charge.

Product Questions

The Ritchey large tags are ideal for mature cattle, cows, bulls, and bison.  Medium tags are a perfect size for calves.  Small tags are designed for calves too, but can be used on other small livestock such as sheep and goats.

Only the Ritchey tool pin, available for sale on this site, should be used to install the Ritchey "Clover" button. Using Y-Tex or Allflex tool pins with the Ritchey "Clover" button is likely to lead an insertion failure.

There are several ways. 1) email us your requests at 2) Contact us the old fashion way at 1-800-EARTAGS.


Yes, we do ship to Canada along with many other countries. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees, duties, and taxes.  All transactions are made in US Dollars.

Ritchey uses USPS (United States Postal Service) and FedEx for shipping. Based on the size of your order you will be presented with the applicable shipping options at checkout.

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