why vineyard tags?

Enhance Your Vineyard Management With Vineyard Tags Designed For Your Rows, Blocks, Harvest Bins, And Wine Barrels. By Numbering The End Of Each Row's Fence Post With A Tag, You Provide Clear Location Markers For Both Employees And Visitors. These Tags Also Facilitate Efficient Management And Recording Of Each Row's Care, Growth Progress, And Harvest Rates.

Never Fades

Tag Longevity Sets Us Apart. Vineyard row Information Is Permanently Engraved Into The Tag And Readable For a decade or more.


The World's most Customizable tag. The Only Vineyard Tag That Allows You To Quickly Engrave ID Information Yourself (or we can do it for you.) The Power & choice are Yours.


It’s Important And Makes Us Unique. From Our Family To Yours, We’re Committed To You.

Say GoodBye to Faded Vineyard Tags.

Using The Same Materials And Manufacturing Process From Our Industry Leading Cattle Ear Tag, We've Reimagined How These Tags Can Be Used. For Over 60 Years, We Have Been Making ID Tags That Stand The Tests Of both Mother Nature And Father Time.

What's a tag worth that fades? Absolutely nothing.

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Customize Your Vineyard Tags

All Ritchey Vineyard tags are fully customizable, and can feature prominent numbers, text, logos, or even barcodes. Customers can choose large numbers for clear identification, or detailed text encompassing grape vine varieties, rootstock details, clone types, planting years, grafting information, and watering methods. Additionally, barcoded vineyard tags offer a comprehensive tracking solution, enabling seamless tracing of grapes from their specific row or block, through collection bins and harvesting personnel, all the way to their respective barrels and bottles.

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Custom Vineyard Tag Design

If you want us to do the engraving for you and are only looking to simply add lines of numbers and/or letters to your tag, each product page provides access to our online 3D tag design tool. If you ever need help, just email us at sales@ritcheytags.com or call us at 1-800-EAR-TAGS.

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. While our online 3D tag design tool is not currently equipped to deal with logo files, you are welcome to email us at sales@ritcheytags.com or call us at 1-800-327-8247. We have a full time graphic designer ready to help!


You can contact us at sales@ritcheytags.com or call us at 1-800-327-8247. We will be happy to assist you.

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