Cattle Tag 101: Essential Tips for Tagging Your Livestock Like a Pro

Cattle Tag 101: Essential Tips for Tagging Your Livestock Like a Pro

If you're a rancher, you understand the importance of proper identification for your herd. Cattle tags, especially engravable cattle ear tags, are essential tools in livestock management. From keep...
Cow wearing two Ritchey Livestock ID tags in their ears.

Cattle Tag Chronicles: Ensuring Livestock Safety & Management

Howdy, fellow ranchers! Today, we're diving into the world of cattle ear tags – those small but mighty tools that play a crucial role in the management and safety of our beloved livestock. Whether...
Red Angus cow with Green Ritchey Ear Tag

Which Tagger Do I Need to Install a Ritchey Ear Tag?

In an effort to make your life easier, this video shows you how to use any standard industry tagger or applicator to install a Ritchey Ear Tag.
Demonstration of how to engrave a cow tag on

Using the Ritchey 3D Ear Tag Designer

Design your own custom ear tag (Make Your Mark) online with Ritchey's 3D ear tag design tool.  You design the tag; we'll do the engraving for you!
Cattle Ear Tag Tool Pin

Tale of the Ear Tag Tool Pins

Are you having problems with broken buttons when installing your ear tags? It may be the tool pin. Check this video out for answers.
Demonstration of engraving a Customized Cow Tag

Cattle Ear Tag Engraving Demo

Kolby Van Newkirk (4th generation) is the co-owner of Van Newkirk Herefords in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The Van Newkirk's have been engraving Ritchey ear tags for over 20 years! Watch how Kolby M...
Rancher using Hook Doctor livestock tool

The Hook Doctor in Action

The Hook Doctor is the first and only product of its kind! It is a dual-purpose tool that was designed with the cattleman in mind. The large hook will assist in safely and humanely controlling an a...
Rancher engraving a Ritchey Custom Ear Tag

The Ear Tag Engraving Grand Master

Grant Ritchey has engraved more tags than any person alive.  Watch Grant in action through this old school, retro training video. Enjoy!
Red Angus cattle walking on a trail

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