Outfront Cattle Service

I’ve used Ritchey tags since the early 1970’s, while ranching in New Mexico.  They are always consistent in quality, color, easy to use, and stay in the ear better than any tag I’ve used.  I’ve used customized tags in Charolais sales all over the U.S. for my Outfront Cattle Service, and get great comments about how good the tags look and how easy they are to read the numbers/letters.  Ritchey has been a great company to work with, they get my orders out quickly, completely, and very friendly to do business with!  I highly recommend them and their tags!
Dennis Adams,  Outfront Cattle Service

Dubas Cattle Co.

“Life is simpler when you don’t have to redo things that should need to be done only once! Ritchey Tags do not fade, they can be customized to the animal at any time, and even stay in place when we feed in the bale feeders. Life is great with Ritchey Tags.”

Rennert Ranch Charolais

“Since 1996 I have trusted Ritchey Tags to be my choice for long lasting cattle identification in my herd. The Ritchey ear tags last longer than all the others on the market and never fade, with their stamped or engraved numbers. I also like that I can customize our tags and put our logo on them. It helps make our cattle identifiable and stand out.”

Herbster Angus Farms

“They are the best tags in the business. I wouldn’t use anything else!”


Duello Cattle Company

“Best tag in the business…without compare! The clarity, readability and sustainability is second to none. And tag retention is absolutely unequaled!!! I have tried them all but have been a loyal customer and believer for over 20 years. I receive multiple compliments every year at the Western Elite Sale.  NWSS lot tags in one ear and Ritchey/Duello Cattle herd tags in the other.  If there is one comment, there are several hundred comments “Where did you get those tags?’…and I am proud to tell them!!!!!!!”

D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc

“Ritchey Tags are our main source of company branding. People around the country recognize which bulls come from the Rocking P due to the high quality and durability of these tags. Those red ear tags are a staple of our bulls on the road and we couldn’t operate without the identification abilities they allow on the ranch.”

R.A Brown Ranch

“Ritchey tags are the best. We have used Ritchey tags for almost 50 years. One of my earliest memories in life is my mom numbering our Ritchey tags on the kitchen table. We used them then, because the numbers stayed & didn’t fade. For decades, we have used the engraved tags and we love them because they are just as easy to read when they have been in for 12 years as they are the day we put them in. We can make them here at the ranch, or send a list of what we want on the tags & Ritchey makes them for us with beautiful precision, accuracy and timeliness. Their customer service is outstanding.”

“We love their color selection where we can identify different breeds, sire groups and age groups. We have tried lots of different tag companies through the years and continue to get a variety of tags on recipient cows that we buy, but Ritchey tags continue to prove themselves as the best. We can buy brands that are a little cheaper, but they fade, bleed and curl and to us those are worthless. We use Ritchey tags because they are the best value for the long run, and our family plans to be here for the long run.”