Multi-Use Tags

Ritchey Tags provide a multitude of identification solutions. Customers have used Ritchey Tags to announce the birth of their children, ‘save the date’ souvenirs, and as key chains to promote their ranches or other businesses. Ritchey Tags have been used in vineyards for row labeling, on hydraulic hoses, electric boxes, and on many other types of equipment.

Several industries, including, water, oil, gas and electric companies use Ritchey Tags for many different identification purposes. Ritchey Tags have even been used on sharks for research identification and by the Division of Wildlife in Utah to track pelican migration – yes, they actually tagged pelicans!

The sturdy Ritchey dual-colored tag is water proof and UV protected, which allows for permanent information to withstand the test of time and extreme weather conditions.

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Take a look at some examples of Ritchey Tags as cattle tags, and how they’re used to solve a variety of labeling needs!